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Anniversaries are natural occasions for remembrance. The anniversary of the passing of someone near and dear, the yahrzeit, is no exception. It evokes bittersweet emotions. Echoes of voices long silenced are still heard. Images of experiences once shared crowd in upon us. Smiling faces, never fully erased from our memory, capture our attention. Special gestures, special customs, special scenes are especially vivid on yahrzeit days. We relive pleasant occasions, and, sadly, relive times of sadness too. When it is possible to do so, we visit the graves of our loved ones at such times, allowing our stream of consciousness to join us to them through the miracle of memory.

But the yahrzeit of a person near and dear to us is more than just an occasion for sentiment and sadness. It reestablishes links, which transcend the passing of time, links that are forged by the ongoing acceptance of responsibility for those we love – even beyond the grave.

Our tradition maintains that the initial judgment of our loved ones takes place within twelve month of their passing. However, it also holds that the elevation of their souls at that time is not final. Through our continued commitment to our faith and our unceasing pursuit of good deeds, we help assure their continued progress through the heavenly spheres, enhancing their existence as they draw ever nearer to God – the Source of all existence. Our tradition also says that the spiritual progression of our beloved departed takes place in annual stages, and that their progress is determined on each yahrzeit.

Customs of observing Yahrzeit

A candle should burn in every residence where the yahrzeit is observed. It should be kindled in the evening, burn for the entire next day until it goes out on its own. Special “yahrzeit candles” are sold at Jewish book and food stores. Many people fast on the yahrzeit of their parents. It is customary to have a Memorial prayer recited in the synagogue. Try to visit the cemetery and recite special prayers. If possible, arrange a Torah study group at home on the day of yahrzeit. You should try to attend a synagogue and say Kadish on the day of the yahrzeit, or at least ask somebody to say Kadish on behalf of your grandmother. When saying Kadish you should have in mind the Jewish name and the father’s name of the deceased. Send donation in memory of the deceased.

Our Synagogue has Memorial Board with plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the Hebrew date of death.

If you need assistance in conducting a Yahrzeit service please contact our Synagogue.

Last NameHebrew NameDateHebrew Date
AbramovZevulun ben Yechiel TzviSunday, December 6, 202020 Kislev
AgafonovaLyutel bas MoiseyMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
AgresIsrael ben MordechaiWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
AlshteynMaria bas BorisTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
ArshinovaRachel bas YakovFriday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
AyzenshtatBasya bas ZalmanFriday, December 11, 202025 Kislev
BarashReuven ben MoisheSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
BarashMoshe ben NutaMonday, November 30, 202014 Kislev
BaumRudolph ben MichailTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
BolotinVladimir ben YosefThursday, December 3, 202017 Kislev
BolotinLev ben MatveyWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
BortmanChana bas BoruchSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
BorushekLiya bas EmanuelMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
BraginskayaLyudmila bas AharonTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
BrilIsroel ben YosefThursday, December 3, 202017 Kislev
BrusinaMaya bas AvrahamTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
BukhmanShlomo ben AizikTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
BumarLev ben MoiseiFriday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
BumarNaum ben MoiseyTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
BurgBetya bas SolomonMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
ChernobilskyAnshel ben BentzionWednesday, December 9, 202023 Kislev
ChernyYuri ben SergeiMonday, November 30, 202014 Kislev
ChervinskayaDoba bas ShayaWednesday, December 9, 202023 Kislev
DimentChaim ben NaumThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
DonskayaTamara bas BerelMonday, December 14, 202028 Kislev
DrachevskiyBraina bas YidleTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
DvorkinMarat ben ZinoviyThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
DymarskiyChaim ben EliezerThursday, December 3, 202017 Kislev
EydelsteinVladimir ben MoiseyWednesday, December 2, 202016 Kislev
FeldfuksAvraham ben YitzchakMonday, December 7, 202021 Kislev
FishmanGersh ben Friday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
FiskinEsfir bas Saturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
FradkinYakov ben YitzchokWednesday, December 2, 202016 Kislev
FridbergGalina bas LevMonday, November 30, 202014 Kislev
GenshaftMichael ben YakovSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
GluzmanVera bas YefimMonday, December 7, 202021 Kislev
GokhmanDvorah bas BentzionTuesday, December 1, 202015 Kislev
GoloborodkoFreida bas GedaliaSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
GorbachRaisa bas AvrahamMonday, December 28, 202013 Tevet
GorelikPolina bas BoruchSaturday, December 5, 202019 Kislev
GorubinaTamara bas SolomonTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
GotkisBoruch ben AvrahamSaturday, December 12, 202026 Kislev
GrachAlexander ben ZusWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
GrachIrene bas PaulSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
GroysmanGregory ben EfraimSunday, December 13, 202027 Kislev
GulkoRozalia bas YisroelFriday, December 11, 202025 Kislev
GurevichChaim ben IsraelSaturday, December 19, 20204 Tevet
IdlyanskyDavid ben SemyonTuesday, December 29, 202014 Tevet
IoffeToiba bas ZalmanWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
KanovaAlla bas IsrailThursday, December 17, 20202 Tevet
Katz MilitsakhChana bas GershonThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
KazimirovskayaRoza bas SanaSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
KhalfinVladimir ben AharonWednesday, December 23, 20208 Tevet
KhersonskayaMasha bas IsaakSaturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
KlempertLuba bas HatzkelTuesday, December 1, 202015 Kislev
KobetsAleksander ben MichailFriday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
KoganFrima bas ShlomoWednesday, December 2, 202016 Kislev
KohnEfraim Mordech ben Chaim EliezerTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
KolodiznerVladimir ben YissacharTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
KopeliovichVictor ben MichailTuesday, December 29, 202014 Tevet
KorobovYitzchak ben MordechaiSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
KostovetskayaLeah bas YakovThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
KovachNechama bas Yakov BerTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
KrichevskayaZina bas OsipSunday, December 6, 202020 Kislev
KrugmanRachel bas MendelTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
LaevskyLeonid ben SemenTuesday, December 29, 202014 Tevet
LapushinSimcha ben ReuvenSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
LeschinskayaSheyna bas ShlomoSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
LevinYisroel ben ShmerlWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
LeydermanIsrael ben LeibSaturday, December 12, 202026 Kislev
LifshitsSimon ben IsaakSunday, December 13, 202027 Kislev
LitichevskyAvraham ben BoruchWednesday, December 9, 202023 Kislev
LogovinskayaLiya bas AharonThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
LormanAbram ben OvadiaMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
MaktazAvraham ben GershWednesday, December 23, 20208 Tevet
MantatskayaLena bas RuvimFriday, December 11, 202025 Kislev
MaroElla bas BoruchThursday, December 17, 20202 Tevet
MashkevichLyudmila bas Avraham YankelThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
MazyaGregory ben PetrMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
MilmanSofiya bas ChaimTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
MordkhilevichAlexandra bas MichailWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
NatanovGregory ben NisselTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
NotovPetr ben LazarThursday, December 17, 20202 Tevet
NutlisMaria bas LeibThursday, December 17, 20202 Tevet
OkonLeonid ben IsaakSaturday, December 19, 20204 Tevet
PertsovVladimir ben HirshWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
PesinaMatlya bas YisroelSaturday, December 12, 202026 Kislev
PlutsikChasya Elke bas DovidThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
PosternakBinyomin ben AvrahamSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
PotievskyLeib ben AnshelFriday, December 18, 20203 Tevet
PravnikRevecca bas IsayThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
PresmanTsilya bas AvrahamThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
PrimilskayaIta bas LevTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
PrimilskiyChaim ben MendelWednesday, December 2, 202016 Kislev
PuchinskiyYosef ben ?Tuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
RankovMikhail ben Shimon EliMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
RaynesSima bas IsrailSaturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
ReingoldZina bas AvrahamSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
ReznikovBoruch ben LeibFriday, December 18, 20203 Tevet
RismanKonstantin ben GregoryWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
RubenchikFelix ben IsaakWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
RukhmanLeah bas MeirWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
SakovichYosef ben MoiseiMonday, December 14, 202028 Kislev
SandlerMatvey ben MendelSunday, December 13, 202027 Kislev
SaplitskisYuden ben LipaThursday, December 3, 202017 Kislev
ShapiroLora bas SemenSaturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
ShcherbakovaRita bas VladimirFriday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
ShermanDubby bas ShmuelSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
ShermanSima bas ShmuelThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
ShmelevichYakov ben ZundelThursday, December 3, 202017 Kislev
ShmelkinaSima bas ChaimSunday, December 27, 202012 Tevet
ShnaidsteinLilia bas IosifTuesday, December 1, 202015 Kislev
ShtivelbergMoisey ben DavidWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
ShtulLev ben YitzchokTuesday, December 22, 20207 Tevet
ShvetsInda bas ChatzkelSaturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
SinayukLeiba bas IsrailSaturday, December 12, 202026 Kislev
SlezbergFelix ben SamuilSunday, December 20, 20205 Tevet
SluskyGittle bas MendleTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
SobolevIgor ben WolfFriday, December 18, 20203 Tevet
SokiryanskyAvraham ben MeirWednesday, December 9, 202023 Kislev
SokolskayaInna bas ZacharWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
StammSheina bas YirmiyahuSaturday, December 26, 202011 Tevet
SutinaDina bas SemenThursday, December 10, 202024 Kislev
TabachnikovaNechama bas AvrahamThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
TarasovaIda bas IsaakTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
TitievskayaMachlya bas NuchimTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
TokarskiyMoshe ben YitzchakTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
TriliskyYitzchok ben YaakovTuesday, December 15, 202029 Kislev
TsurkisFeyga bas NisanWednesday, December 23, 20208 Tevet
VainbergRiva bas YosefWednesday, December 16, 20201 Tevet
VasfeldEva bas IsaakSunday, December 13, 202027 Kislev
VaynshteynFanya bas ShmuelTuesday, December 1, 202015 Kislev
VelednitskiyIsaak ben TevelSaturday, December 5, 202019 Kislev
VernikShlomo ben YitzchokTuesday, December 8, 202022 Kislev
VinogradovaIda bas LevThursday, December 24, 20209 Tevet
VishnevaManya bas DovidFriday, December 4, 202018 Kislev
VlasovaAlexandra bas YakovMonday, December 21, 20206 Tevet
YarovinskyManya bas ChaimFriday, December 18, 20203 Tevet
ZakAlexander ben YefimTuesday, December 29, 202014 Tevet
ZaleznyakDovid ben YakovSaturday, December 5, 202019 Kislev
ZalkindEliyahu ben ShlomoWednesday, December 30, 202015 Tevet
Zbarsky-LindenboimManya bas MoisheFriday, December 25, 202010 Tevet
ZeldichDavid ben MironWednesday, December 2, 202016 Kislev

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If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the options below:

Make check to Heritage and mail it to
Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave. Chicago IL 60645
Call Heritage office at 773-973-1800
to provide a credit card information