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Anniversaries are natural occasions for remembrance. The anniversary of the passing of someone near and dear, the yahrzeit, is no exception. It evokes bittersweet emotions. Echoes of voices long silenced are still heard. Images of experiences once shared crowd in upon us. Smiling faces, never fully erased from our memory, capture our attention. Special gestures, special customs, special scenes are especially vivid on yahrzeit days. We relive pleasant occasions, and, sadly, relive times of sadness too. When it is possible to do so, we visit the graves of our loved ones at such times, allowing our stream of consciousness to join us to them through the miracle of memory.

But the yahrzeit of a person near and dear to us is more than just an occasion for sentiment and sadness. It reestablishes links, which transcend the passing of time, links that are forged by the ongoing acceptance of responsibility for those we love – even beyond the grave.

Our tradition maintains that the initial judgment of our loved ones takes place within twelve month of their passing. However, it also holds that the elevation of their souls at that time is not final. Through our continued commitment to our faith and our unceasing pursuit of good deeds, we help assure their continued progress through the heavenly spheres, enhancing their existence as they draw ever nearer to God – the Source of all existence. Our tradition also says that the spiritual progression of our beloved departed takes place in annual stages, and that their progress is determined on each yahrzeit.

Customs of observing Yahrzeit

A candle should burn in every residence where the yahrzeit is observed. It should be kindled in the evening, burn for the entire next day until it goes out on its own. Special “yahrzeit candles” are sold at Jewish book and food stores. Many people fast on the yahrzeit of their parents. It is customary to have a Memorial prayer recited in the synagogue. Try to visit the cemetery and recite special prayers. If possible, arrange a Torah study group at home on the day of yahrzeit. You should try to attend a synagogue and say Kadish on the day of the yahrzeit, or at least ask somebody to say Kadish on behalf of your grandmother. When saying Kadish you should have in mind the Jewish name and the father’s name of the deceased. Send donation in memory of the deceased.

Our Synagogue has Memorial Board with plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the Hebrew date of death.

If you need assistance in conducting a Yahrzeit service please contact our Synagogue.

Last NameHebrew NameDateHebrew Date
??Shmuel Meir ben YosefFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
AbolnikovYelizaveta bas MarkFriday, August 26, 202229 Av
AgranatGilya ben GregoriySaturday, August 27, 202230 Av
AltmanKarl ben IosifThursday, September 1, 20225 Elul
AronskayaLora bas LevFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
BarrettDov Ber ben YehudaWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
BerdichevskyPolina bas IosifSunday, August 28, 20221 Elul
BershitskayaRimma bas AsherFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
BondarMarina bas LeonidThursday, September 8, 202212 Elul
BritvaLeonid ben AvrahamThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
ButovetskyIlya ben SolomonWednesday, August 31, 20224 Elul
Dukelskaya-DiklerFaina bas MichailFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
DukhovnayaZlata bas LeibSaturday, September 10, 202214 Elul
EppelbaumMotel ben ShlomoFriday, August 26, 202229 Av
EydinovYakov ben BorisSaturday, August 13, 202216 Av
FaymanChana bas YitzchakWednesday, August 17, 202220 Av
FeldmanRoza bas IsaakSaturday, August 27, 202230 Av
FeldmanChaya Manya bas DovidTuesday, August 23, 202226 Av
FisherEtel bas YidlWednesday, August 17, 202220 Av
FleyshonRakhil ben YakovThursday, August 11, 202214 Av
FlyamMoshe ben AleksanderMonday, September 5, 20229 Elul
FreydinBoruch ben MosheMonday, August 29, 20222 Elul
FridbergAleks ben SolomonMonday, August 29, 20222 Elul
GalpernAnna bas MarkFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
GerstenYitzchak ben IsraelThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
GilburdAvraham ben YakovWednesday, August 17, 202220 Av
GilmanovLuba bas YakovWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
GolubGregory ben SalimThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
GotkisVladimir ben BaruchFriday, September 2, 20226 Elul
GrinshteynSamuil ben Monday, August 29, 20222 Elul
GukManya bas YitzchakSunday, August 21, 202224 Av
GutnikSara bas IsaakWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
GvozdevMoisey ben IsrailMonday, September 5, 20229 Elul
IsaakovaSipro bas NuvachTuesday, September 6, 202210 Elul
KantorEster bas NuchimSunday, August 14, 202217 Av
KaplanIda bas Sunday, August 21, 202224 Av
KarlinaSarah Dora bas Hirsh IsaakSunday, August 14, 202217 Av
KatsSamuil ben DavidTuesday, August 23, 202226 Av
KhaysmanZalman ben GregoryWednesday, August 31, 20224 Elul
KishinevskyMaria bas ChananTuesday, August 16, 202219 Av
KlebanovSemen ben MironFriday, September 2, 20226 Elul
KoganTamara bas MoiseiThursday, September 8, 202212 Elul
KostovetskySemen ben IsaakSaturday, September 10, 202214 Elul
KotikOktyabrina bas YosefFriday, September 9, 202213 Elul
KrivorukNelya bas IvanTuesday, September 6, 202210 Elul
KucherskaSofiya bas ?Tuesday, August 23, 202226 Av
KurolapnikAlexander ben YitzchakSaturday, August 13, 202216 Av
KuznetsovaLilia bas YakovThursday, September 1, 20225 Elul
LamazovRudolf ben YevelSaturday, August 27, 202230 Av
LashchevLeonid ben MoiseiThursday, September 8, 202212 Elul
LeshchinskayaIllya bas GershonWednesday, August 10, 202213 Av
LifshitsNochum ben Yakov AharonFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
LinderAlexander ben AvrahamMonday, August 22, 202225 Av
LinskySheyndl bas GershSaturday, August 20, 202223 Av
MaslovskayaSvetlana bas AvrahamMonday, August 15, 202218 Av
MastitsGenya bas Sunday, August 21, 202224 Av
MastitsLev ben ZalmanThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
MelandovichTsilya bas LazarThursday, August 18, 202221 Av
MovirerMichel ben YosefSunday, August 28, 20221 Elul
MulmanFeiga bas ShmuelWednesday, August 17, 202220 Av
OsovetsMark ben MichailSaturday, September 10, 202214 Elul
PeisinLiba bas Sheina LeahSaturday, August 13, 202216 Av
PentoYevgeniya bas AlexanderWednesday, August 31, 20224 Elul
PismennayaGittle bas YosefWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
PlovitskayaYelena bas GregoryTuesday, September 6, 202210 Elul
RedenskyChaim ben DavidTuesday, September 6, 202210 Elul
RekhtmanMaya bas MeirSaturday, August 20, 202223 Av
RubinAvraham ben MoiseyFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
RudermanEliyahu ben ChaimMonday, September 5, 20229 Elul
RudermanIsaak ben ChaimFriday, August 12, 202215 Av
ShagalovAnna bas LeibFriday, August 26, 202229 Av
ShalmanTanya bas AharonTuesday, August 30, 20223 Elul
SheinMenita bas GertzelMonday, September 5, 20229 Elul
SheynVladiimir ben ChayimThursday, August 11, 202214 Av
ShifrisItsko ben LeibWednesday, August 10, 202213 Av
ShlyakhtichmanYerachmiel ben NachmanTuesday, August 16, 202219 Av
ShpigelskiyMoisey ben Friday, August 19, 202222 Av
ShteyngardtGamsey ben NossonSaturday, September 3, 20227 Elul
ShvartsBetya bas MordechaiMonday, August 15, 202218 Av
SimanduyevSimantu ben Wednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
SolovyevAvraham ben AharonTuesday, August 23, 202226 Av
SpektorIlya ben OvseySunday, August 21, 202224 Av
SpektorovChaim ben YakovThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
StarrYocha bas AharonSaturday, August 27, 202230 Av
SteselInna bas FeivelMonday, August 29, 20222 Elul
StrelchinLeib ben MoiseiThursday, August 11, 202214 Av
SulpovarRivka bas RuvimSunday, August 21, 202224 Av
TkachDavid ben SamuilTuesday, August 23, 202226 Av
TolanLeika bas HarryFriday, August 12, 202215 Av
TomashpolskyRivka bas IsaakSaturday, August 20, 202223 Av
VaksYuri ben ArkadiySaturday, September 3, 20227 Elul
VaksmanIsrael ben YudelSunday, August 21, 202224 Av
VaynshteynVladimir ben GregroriySunday, August 28, 20221 Elul
VekslerLazar ben MordechaiThursday, August 11, 202214 Av
VinokurNelya bas SemyonFriday, August 19, 202222 Av
VladimirskiyBaruch ben Shmuel MosheSunday, August 28, 20221 Elul
WatersValeriy ben SemenWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
XJenine bas GustavSaturday, September 10, 202214 Elul
XAnna bas LeibWednesday, August 24, 202227 Av
YelishevichLev ben NoachThursday, September 8, 202212 Elul
YuditskiyBoruch ben IsraelSunday, August 14, 202217 Av
ZaretskyMichail ben AvrahamMonday, August 15, 202218 Av
ZaslavskySeva ben MosheThursday, August 25, 202228 Av
ZazulinskiyYuri ben Wednesday, August 10, 202213 Av
ZilbershteynRashel bas SolomonThursday, August 18, 202221 Av

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If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the options below:

Make check to Heritage and mail it to
Heritage, 2826 W. Lunt Ave. Chicago IL 60645
Call Heritage office at 773-973-1800
to provide a credit card information