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 This week parsha podcast from Rabbi Agishtein is available here:


Introducing - Sip Shmooze & Seek for all the women of the Shul - see the flyer below for more details.  

Rabbi Agishtein invites all the teen boys for an Oneg at his house at 9:30pm.  

Kiddush is sponsored by Gertsberg Family on occasion of Bentzion going to Israel

Father and Son learning at 5:00 PM. This week father and son learning is sponsored by Meyerson family. 

Please let Heritage office know at office@russianjews.org if you would like to be a storyteller or to sponsor future Father and Son learning and Thursday Night Mishmor. Cost is 0. 

Tisha Bav Schedule 

Shabbos Aug 6th:

Avos Ubonim 5 pm 
Mincha at 5:45
There will be no Shalosh Seudos at Shul 
Fast starts at 8:02 pm 
9:02 pm - Say Boruch Hamavdil, change into Tisha Bav shoes, etc  
Maariv 9:30 pm
Eicha followed by Kinnos at 9:40 pm 

Sunday, Aug 7th

Shachris 9 am 

Kinnos & speeches 9:45 am
Chatzos 12:57 pm 
Shiur on the Gemaros of Tisha B`av 7 pm 
Mincha 7:30 pm (bring Tallis & Teffilin)
Maariv 8:30 pm 
Fast ends at 8:52 pm  
The Halachos of Tish B`av on Sunday

Shabbos Afternoon: Aug 6th - 9th of Av

Regular Shalosh Seudos - There is no Seudas Hamfsekes so we do not eat the customary bread & egg (תקנב:י).

The fast begins at Shkia 8:02 pm. Everyone must finish eating & drinking before this time.

Continue wearing Shabbos clothing, leather shoes and sitting on regular chairs - until the end of Shabbos - 9:02 PM (תקנג:ב קו”ה ע’ רפג)

Havdalah - Although proper Havdalah will be made on Sunday night, one must say “Boruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’chol” before doing Melocha, changing into weekday attire and putting on Tisha Bav shoes. One should also make a Borei M’orie Haish on a Havdalah candle as this can only be done on Motzei Shabbos.

Nursing or pregnant women, or anyone else who needs to break their fast, must make a full Havdalah (minus the Brocho on Besomim) before eating. A cup of tea, coffee, orange juice or coke should be used instead of wine.

Sunday Night: Aug 7th - 10th of Av

Havdalah - no Brocho on Besomim or fire ( תקנו:א). Wine or grape juice can be used.

Since this year the fast was pushed off till Sunday, washing clothing, bathing, and haircuts are permitted as soon as the fast finishes.

One should wait until the morning (you do not need to wait till Chatzos) before eating meat, drinking wine or listening to music.

Weekly Torah

This Parashah begins the last of the Five Books of The Torah, Sefer Devarim. This Book is also called Mishneh Torah, literally `the Repetition of The Torah (and hence the Greek/English title of Deuteronomy). Sefer Devarim relates what Moshe told the Beney Yisrael during the last five weeks of his life, as they prepared to cross the Jordan into Erets Yisrael. Moshe reviews the mitsvot, stressing the change of lifestyle they are about to undergo: from the miraculous, supernatural existence of the desert under his guidance to the apparently natural way of life they will experience under Yehoshua`s leadership in Erets Yisrael. The central theme of this week is the sin of the spies, the meraglim. The Parashah opens with Moshe hinting to the sins of the previous generation who have died in the 40 years of wandering in the desert. He gives the Beney Yisrael a description of what would have happened if they hadn`t sinned by sending spies into Erets Yisrael. He tells them that HaShem would have given them all of the land from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates including the lands of Amon, Moav, and Edom without needing to fight. He details the subtle sins that culminate in the sin of the spies, and reviews at length the sin of the spies and the results of that sin: the entire generation was to die in the desert, that Moshe would not enter Erets Yisrael, but rather they would be led by Yehoshua bin Nun. He reminds them that their immediate reaction to HaShem`s decree was to want to `go up and fight` to redress the sin. He recounts how they wouldn`t listen when he told them not to go because they no longer merited to vanquish their enemies miraculously. They ignored him and suffered a massive defeat. They were not allowed to fight with the kingdoms of Esav, Moav or Amon -- these lands were not to be part of the map of Erets Yisrael in the meantime. When the conquest of Canaan will begin with Sichon and Og, it will need to be in the natural way of warfare.


Shabbos Information

This week`s Torah chapter is Devarim

This Friday, August 5

Mincha will be at 7:00 PM

Candle lighting will be at 7:53 PM

Shabbos, August 6

Shabbos Morning class by Rabbi Agishtein and Rabbi Zaslavsky will be at 8:30 AM

Shachris will be at 9:00 AM

Heritage kids program will be from 9:30 AM to 11 AM

Rabbi Zuckerman 10-minute class for kids and adults right after Shachris

Kiddush is sponsored by Gertsberg Family on occasion of Bentzion going to Israel

sponsor Kiddush

Father and Son learning will be at 5:00 PM

No Class of Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Zusis 

Mincha will be at 5:45 PM

Maariv will be at 9:30 PM

Weekly Davening


Monday - Friday - 7:00 AM


Monday - Thursday - 7:50 PM

Alex Turik
August 6
Michael Khvilovsky
August 9
Naomi Turetsky
August 10
Amiel Volinsky
August 10
Alexander Meyerson
August 11
Mike and Lena Goizman
August 4
Michael and Rivka Chastkofsky
August 5
Avi and Isabel Lev
August 5
David Yelkonovich
David Velvel ben Yosef Issur
August 4 
Gregory Bondarenko
Gersh ben Yosef
August 6 
Illya Leshchinskaya
Illya bas Gershon
August 10